The last week has been full or firsts for our little man! While they are nothing “ground breaking” – like walking or talking, it is still so much fun to watch him grow and learn in noticeable ways. The first first was that he discovered his feet! It is adorable how he now reaches and grabs for them all the time. He even likes to get those little toes in his mouth 🙂

The second first was that he moved up in the world of bathtubs to his duck tub. He is just getting so big that the little Puj in the sink was no longer containing our wiggly, wet Nugget. Miles freaked out a bit at first, but now likes relaxing in the warm, deeper water. I think it will be just a matter of time before he figures out the joy of splashing.

The third first is actually kinda a biggie – Miles has a tooth!!! He cut his bottom, left front tooth. We knew he was getting ready since he was chewing and gnawing on anything and everything, but then when he started getting fussy we saw that it was coming in. It definitely was not a fun process with a sad, screaming Nugget for a couple of days, but now that it is through the gums, he is back to his happy self.


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