Full Term

At 37 weeks Nugget has officially reached full term! This is great news in many ways, but one that Steve and I are excited about is the fact that we now can deliver at the birth center 🙂

For a little update, things are going really well with baby and we are on the weekly appointment schedule now. Nugg is definitely getting bigger and stronger as some of those kicks and stretches can hurt! Overall I am still feeling pretty good. I have toned down my workouts in the last week – spending more and more time on the elliptical (which is slowly becoming a torture device to me as I like variety) or just going for a walk since I do get tired quicker now, but I also try to do at least 2 days of light weights as well. I mean I am going to be carrying around Nugget and gear so can’t slack on that! I also have the “stranded turtle on its back” feeling sometimes when trying to get off the couch or out of bed, which can be fairly amusing. Steve and I are both also wrapping up stuff on the work front over the next few weeks so we really are in the final countdown… ~21 days!

P.S. If you haven’t made a guess in the baby pool yet, make sure you do by May 5th! http://www.guessyourbaby.com/p/jandsbabypool



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