We were in Colorado this past weekend for our Fiesta Baby Shower that my mom, my aunt, and grandma hosted for us. It was beyond great to see so many family members and friends in one place since it can be hard to get in visits with everyone with our short and infrequent trips back. We are so thankful for everyone that was able to make it and all the gifts we received – they are definitely helping us feel at least a little more ready to tackle this next adventure that is Nugget. That being said, I wanted to highlight two quilts we received as they are both amazing and I know made with lots of love!

The first was made by Trish with a dino fabric that Steve and I found on Spoonflower. To take it even more over the top amazing, she quilted dinosaurs in it as well!








Dino Quilting Detail

The second was made by McCall. It is really soft and I can’t get over the quirky mustache fabric – too fun!




Soft Plaid Back

So much love and thanks for these homemade gifts – we already treasure them and can’t wait for Nugget to use them!


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