The Final Countdown

If pregnancy was based on calendar dates, today marks 3 months until Nugget’s debut 🙂 By the more traditional method, this coming Wednesday marks 28 weeks and thus my entrance into the third trimester… needless to say, shit is gettin’ real!

The good news is that I am still feeling good. I get to the gym everyday at lunch for my hour workout – granted they look a little different than they did 6 months ago, but overall they haven’t changed too drastically. The hardest part is now finding the gym clothes I own that cover the bump! I also have been going to a prenatal yoga class at a studio in Durham which I have enjoyed a lot. And for those of you that care – still rocking my heels with no problems 😉

We are really looking forward to our baby showers, both in Colorado and North Carolina. I am especially looking forward to being able to visit with and see a big group of our friends and family in CO all in one place! Also while we are in CO, one of my very talented best friends, McCall of Lucky Malone Photography, is going to do a Maternity shoot with us as well, so look for photos on that in the nearish future.

On the Nugget end of things – well baby is very active! I can feel Nugg squirming around on and off all day now. Last night when I was laying on the couch we even got to see Nugg move. Very weird and cool all at the same time. At one point, however baby was positioned, it was making my stomach very uneven (obvious little bump to the right of my belly button) – so maybe we saw a foot? butt? head? Maybe one of these days we will be able to get a video…

Until the next post, ~12 weeks to Nugget’s world premier.


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