As I had Monday off for President’s Day we took the opportunity to put into motion some things we had planned to get our nook ready for Nugget.

Back in October when we visited Savannah, I went to a great little fabric store there and picked up three fun, geometric type fabrics that I figured I would find something to do with related to baby. Of course Pinterest came through and gave me a few ideas. One of the fabrics was a grey and white ombre chevron which I decided to turn into curtains. We bought the curtain rod, clips, and extra fabric this weekend, but have yet to start on the actual curtains so it is still a pretty big work in progress. However, just having the supplies feels like a big step in the right direction. I will keep you updated on this project.

The second project was inspired by this pin:  The items needed included three picture frames, one more fabric choice (since I used one of the original for the curtains), spray paint for the frames, a shelf, and initial letter. I originally wanted to try to score the frames for super cheap at thrift stores, but once I set out on the shopping mission, I hate to come home empty handed, and since the selection was poor the day we went, I ended up getting frames at Target. Luckily there was a Cartwheel coupon and one was on clearance, so the cost wasn’t that bad anyway! I found a fun fabric in the fat quarter bin at a local fabric store and then decided on a brushed nickle spray paint for the frames. I was able to mount all the fabric and paint the frames this weekend, so now we just need to 1) Find a shelf we like, 2) hang everything, and 3) get an initial (which will obviously come after Nugget is here!)

There will be more updates to come, but I feel accomplished that we are (slowly) on the way to getting things ready for Nugg. To hold you over, here are some “In Progress” pics of the frame project 🙂





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