A Random Mish-Mash

After Sunday night’s disappointment, I thought I would just post a few things that at least make me smile 🙂

1) Our really awesome spread of Bronco Player Themed food and drink that had been in work all season (No joke, I am pretty sure that Katie, Noah, Steve and I began planning these things during the first game). Seriously, it’s a great accomplishment to just get to the Super Bowl and themes make me happy, so it gets a post!20140203-152602.jpg

2) Just me and Steve’s sense of humor at work in photography. HURRY HURRY!20140203-152729.jpg

3) For all you curious about my footwear during pregnancy I am happy to confirm that it hasn’t changed 24+ weeks in. I really don’t get the big deal about being pregnant in heels…20140203-162112.jpg


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