The Big Reveal

Like many people, we decided to wait until after 12 weeks to widely spread the news of our pregnancy.  Of course we told our families, and had been slowly telling other close, out-of-state friends, but this week we both told our bosses and close co-workers, and then of course planned a party to tell our friends.

We hosted a game night where the plan was to introduce a new card game to play. We bought a deck of cards and wrote “Jill’s Pregnant” on every one. I said that we would learn as we played and the first rule was that no one could touch them until I said so. I dealt all the cards, and then told everyone to pick them up. It was really fun to watch as people figured it out as some saw the message right away and others were more focused on waiting to hear the next rule of the new game. Obviously everyone was very excited for us and we were able to celebrate with decorated, onesie shaped cookies made by our super awesome, in-the-know since the very beginning friend, Katie!

Card Reveal Reveal Cookies

For our friends that were not able to make it to the party, we texted/emailed them the next day with the news. We thought that although it wasn’t in person, it at least had a bit of the personal touch that we wanted to achieve with the party reveal.


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