I hear your heartbeat…

Even before we found out that we were pregnant, we knew that we wanted to go with the more natural birth route and had picked out Women’s Birth & Wellness Center in Chapel Hill as our pregnancy and delivery health care choice. The day after our positive test I called and scheduled a tour (which reinforced our decision) and then after the tour, we booked our first appointment. They don’t like to see you until around 10 weeks and it just so happened that our appointment ended up being scheduled right on the 10 week mark!

Going in I was both really excited and nervous at the same time. At 10 weeks they should be able to hear a heartbeat, so that was really my main focus. The midwife we met with warned us before she tried to find it that it might take awhile, but we heard it the second she put the Doppler device to my stomach. It was pretty amazing! And obviously made things that much more real, but needless to say we were very, very happy!

Getting the “all good” and hearing the heartbeat moved us to another milestone… telling the families. We had made the decision that we didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and tell them before, however, we had been planning how we would tell them. We made custom onesies for our parents, put them in cute little boxes, marked them with “CALL BEFORE OPENING” and mailed them that afternoon. Then we just had to wait for the calls…


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